How does your service work?

 Our service works in 6 easy steps! Refer to the Home Page for all the information.

Can I change dorm rooms for fall after I move out for summer?

 You can change the room you are moving into for fall up to 24 hours before delivery. We will deliver your belongings to your new campus location.

What if I decide to live off campus after I move out for the summer?

 Please contact us at 214.924.2089 or dormstorage4U@gmail.com and we can make    arrangements for delivery or ship them to you. Shipping charges will apply.

Does your service apply to off campus housing?

Yes, if you live in student apartments. You can receive the same amount of boxes for storages.

What if I need something I stored with you during the summer?

If you need access to something you stored prior to your move in date, you can request an early delivery. We cannot open your boxes, so all will be delivered. Contact us to arrange a time for delivery or we can ship them to you. Shipping charges will apply.

Can my parents make arrangements for me?

 Absolutely! Your parents can make all the arrangements. They simply need to provide us with a contact number for you so that we can contact you prior to pickup and delivery.

 Can I cancel my service? 

 Yes.However, if packing materials have been delivered, your 50.00 deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel before stored items are picked up, no further charges will be incurred if service is cancelled.


When will I get my packing materials?

When you contact us for service, we will schedule a time for delivery of your packing materials.


Where will my items be stored?

 Your items will be stored in a climate controlled storage facility with 24 hour security Surveillance.

 Can I store my computer?


Can I Store live plants or fish aquariums?


 Does it cost more to store heavy items?   

 No, all pricing is flat rate with the exception of shipping costs if required.  However, there is a weight limit on boxes.

Can I use my own boxes?    

 No. Our boxes are rated for thickness, strength and durability. We also estimate the number of truck needed and storage space needed, based on the number of approved DS4U boxes.

 Can I store paint, shampoo, drinks, etc.?

  We ask that you not store any type of liquids.

 Will my boxes remain sealed?

 Yes. At no time during the storage process will your boxes be opened.

 Can I store furniture?

 Yes. We will store small items such as lamps, microwaves or mini-refrigerators.

Are there restrictions on items I can store?

 Yes. We do not store jewelry, cash, liquids, hazardous materials, live plants, or drugs (legal nor illegal)


Will I be notified prior to pickup and delivery? 

 Yes. We will send a text or email notifying you a couple of days before your move. We will also send a message when our trucks are on their way to your dorm.

 What if I miss my scheduled move in or out date?

  Contact us as soon as possible to reschedule.

Can I change my move in or out date?

You can change your dates up to 24 hours in advance. One change date per semester.

How will I know my items made it to the storage facility? 

Once your items have made it to the facility, we will send you an email letting you know they are secured.

Do I have to be present for pick and delivery?

 Yes. Due to campus security, you must be present to meet our staff for delivery and pick up.


Please refer to the pricing page for our low flat rate pricing.

 How do I pay for your service?

 A deposit of $100.00 is due on the date of packing material delivery and is non-refundable. Balance is due upon pick-up of your items prior to storing.

 What methods of payment do you take?

We take Visa, MC and American Express along with cash. No checks.




Yes. We insure all items to cover damage, lost or stolen items.

What if one of my items gets damaged?

 If any of your items are damaged, lost or stolen during our possession, please contact us immediately and report the damage. To minimize damage, please ensure your boxes are packed properly.

Can I purchase additional insurance?

You may purchase additional insurance on your own, however at this time we are not offering additional insurance.





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